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Dulles Elementary School

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Enrollment for the 2023-2024 school year - April 22 for all TK, K and students new to the district - May 6 for grades 1 through 12.
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School Policies » Discipline Plan

Discipline Plan


The staff places a strong emphasis upon students being able to accept the responsibility for their own behavior. The discipline program promotes independence through a system of logical consequences and recognitions for responsible, independent behavior at school.


In order to maintain productive learning settings throughout the school, we expect students to follow these rules:

  1. Come prepared with the necessary materials.

  1. Enter classrooms in an orderly manner.

  1. Show respect for the property of classmates, adults, and the school.

  1. Avoid disruptive and disturbing conduct.

  1. Be courteous to others.

  1. Remain in class until dismissed by the teacher.

  1. Keep classrooms and other school areas orderly and clean.

  1. Return homework and school/home communications on time.

  1. Maintain prompt and regular attendance.

Teachers and support staff acknowledge and reward positive student behavior with praise, incentives, certificates, etc. Negative or unproductive behavior is controlled through a system of warnings, accelerating to the removal of privileges, recess play and parent contacts, developed at each grade level and made known to the children. Consistency among the classes at each grade level enables student success as he/she interacts with the various adults during each day.

In the event that negative behavior continues, a teacher may refer a student to the administration for more extreme consequences, including detentions, suspensions, and parent conferences. Teachers may also refer students to the School Guidance Committee. This is a committee of teachers, RSP teacher, Speech and Language Specialist, Psychologist and Administrator. The Guidance Committee can recommend a variety of interventions including a Student Study Team, Individual testing, referral to District Guidance and / or SARB (School Attendance Review Board.)